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Buy our Shares and Become a Part of the SAYAJUAL.IO Journey

Malaysia's Best Social Commerce Platform

SAYAJUAL.IO was developed in 2019 to connect business owners (Merchants) to resellers by providing a systematic approach to replace their traditional way of running a business.

12,000 new unique Resellers registered in just 3 months from the launch of in Jan 2022

RM 6 million monthly transaction value within 2022. Achieved more than 400% growth in 2022 in just 6 months!

More than 1 million products sold using SAYAJUAL.IO. Achieved 100% growth in revenue compared to 2021!


Trusted by Popular Brands

Mainstream Media

SAYA Eco-system

SAYAJUAL.IO is a product of the “SAYA” ecosystem. We anticipate a few additional items in the pipeline to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

We are now focused on SAYAJUAL.IO in order to gain more traction and finish all MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) before moving on to other products inside the SAYA eco-system. Our whole product development roadmap is shown below.

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Equity Crowd Funding

SAYAJUAL.IO is now looking to raise RM6 million through crowd-funding as part of its goal to become the most popular alternative for the general people to make money through social commerce.

Ordinary Share Offered (%)
Minimum Funding (RM)
Maximum Funding (RM)

Investment Usage Plan

We plan to use the investment to stimulate the development process and marketing process much faster and more effectively in a short period of time. The investment will be used to develop SAYAJUAL.IO functionalities to meet the MVPs targets as well as to have a much effect and broader market reach and leads. This will definitely increase business traction and revenue.

Our Offers

We are diluting 13.33% of the shares for the public via PitchIN so that you, too, may be a part of SAYAJUAL.IO’s exciting journey.

Early Bird

  • 12 Shares per block
  • 18% Potential dividend after 1 year
  • 485% Potential ROI after 5 years
  • RM236.08 per share
  • 1 Bonus share during Pre-Live


  • 12 Shares per block
  • 18% Potential dividend after 1 year
  • 451% Potential ROI after 5 years
  • RM255.75/share
  • 0 Bonus share during Live
Dividend Payout on an Annual Basis starting from Year 3 of investment (provided the company is profitable).

Why You Should Invest with Us

We anticipate our financial outlook for the coming year as illustrated in Year 1 (2023) is a revenue increase of 8 times from this year due to a part of MVP 2 being completed, sales team starting to take place and increase in Merchants and Resellers. 

The funding is needed to accomplish its development and marketing purposes, which will translate into achieving our financial and business goals

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear directly from the Founders

Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear directly from the Founders

*F2F Face to Face session will be held at Restaurant BigBoss@Publika, Dutamas, KL *Online will be via Zoom Meeting. *We will contact you to set an appointment.

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